Power up your workstation

Control your applications with a simplified yet enhanced personal interface. Automate any recurring iteration and optimize your workflow.
Reduce the gap between ideation and execution. And have fun doing it.

Personal computing, truly

Personalize any function and representation of your actions. Use color, icons and images to convey meaning and smoothen your path to action.

Automate your workflow

Direct activation is cool again, but that’s not enough.
Sequence any action easily to create your cross-application macros and let Quadro do the dirty work for you.


A faster path to “done”

Thanks to a reduced cognitive load and an easier activation method, everything is done quickly. You may even forget it's work.

Got flow?

What’s that shortcut? Which menu was that in? Stop thinking and simply tap. Save your precious attention span for the task at hand.

Work that feels like play

No one said work can't be fun. Free your inner child and play with your workflow.


Solutions for your busy workflow


Connects to your computer automatically, recalling palettes and keyboard when needed


Connect multiple devices to a single computer and create your futuristic command center


Set most used interfaces as favorites and reach them quickly from any context

Smart Keyboard

Type, move and select text from your device and try the ultimate emoji experience


Sequence any application command or action, mix them up to create your personal automations

Web apps

Recall and control web-apps just as native software and forget about digging a thousand tabs to find them


Personal doesn’t mean exclusive. After perfecting your palettes, share your creations and receive some love

Function notes

Missing label? Complex action? Hold the action to show a contextual help


Swipe to copy, paste, undo, redo and manipulate windows